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Personal Empowerment Groups

Empowerment Groups

Personal Empowerment Groups (PEGs) are an important membership benefit of Women of Infinite Possibilities. Each year, four development programs are held for attendees to learn or enhance certain skills. The programs can be business-related, such as learning QuickBooks or networking, to more personal in nature such as meditation, painting, or a book club. PEGs are conducted for members with said knowledge, and suggestions for these events are a direct result of membership requests.


WIP Adventures

Adventures are group activities that encourage members to get to know each other through fun, food, and/or educational activities. These activities include everything from a walk in the park or a museum visit, to meeting at a restaurant to enjoy an evening with the girls. We have a minimum of four quarterly events throughout the year, as well as impromptu get-togethers.

General Meetings

General Meetings

Below is a recap of the general meetings that occurred at Women of Infinite Possibilities. To learn more details and discover how you can get involved, contact us today.

January: “Whip Up Your Wardrobe” – A professional dress consultant advised us on how to dress for success on a limited budget. Putting together smart clothing combinations mixing the right colors

February: “It’s Never Too Late To…” – Reinvent yourself, become that woman you’ve always wanted to be, do the things you’ve been putting off for years. This was presented by a professional motivational and communications expert.

March: “Identify Theft and Local Fraud” – How to keep your identity safe and prevent fraudulent activity on your credit cards and credit ratings. Presented by a ranking member in the criminal investigation department of the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office.

April: “Women’s Heart Health” – A renowned cardiologist spoke on women’s heart health and little known heart disease factors.

May: “Herb Serendipity” – All about growing healthy herbs and how to use them in cooking and aromatics. Our presenter was a master gardener and herbologist.

June: “The World’s Foremost Authority on Mardi Gras” – Arthur Hardy, Sponsor: Backyard Printing, Leslie McGoey

July: “Smart Women’s Day Out” – Our signature event for a day filled with inspiration and motivational speakers, networking opportunities, and discovery experiences.

August: “Stress Less, Live More” – Courtney Elmer, Sponsor: Plexus, Barbara Dillon

September: “The Art of Jewelry” – John Ferrer of De Boscq, Sponsor: Hospice Foundation of the South, Kathy Busco

October: “Living Intentionally” – Brian Dunn, Sponsor: Serenity Home & Gifts, Kim Mancini

November: “Giving Thanks” – Sponsor: Premier Designs, Debbie Mormino

December: “Holiday Luncheon” – Networking and reflecting on how we’ve grown in our community throughout the year.

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